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Okinawa 39ers

Please contact us for great deal! You can get discount from Emi Full Resort! For more detail, check below.


Ryukyu Chinese 炒炒

[Chinese] x [Ryukyu] Fusion Cooking. Best chinese food in Okinawa! Highly recommended! 



Emi Full Seitai

Opened a Massage room in second floor of Emi Full Resort!

We invited well experienced staff in cosmetic surgery clinic, chiropractic for 20 over years.

We can promise your body will be relieved from over work in trip!


Oxygen capsule

Oxygen capsule has arrived!!


High pressure oxygen capsule will help you heal from injure, faster recovery, prevent hangover and also very good for anti-aging, diet, and so much more!

Food Truck


Food Truck 


We have Brasileiro staff working at Emi Full Resort. 

He would like introduce and enjoy home taste in Emi Full Resort!!

They have great street food of Brazil.

Please come enjoy special food in Chatan!