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Marine Sports - Jet Ski



① Check in, Registration

Please come to "GINOWAN Marina" with your swim suits on 15 min prior to your reservation. Check in, and registration will be needed. 

②Orientation, Introduction

We will  gives instruction and explanation before entering water.


Enjoy your marine activities!

④ End the tour.

※This schedule for reference only. Might be different depends on the day. It will approximately takes about 1 hour.


Payment at Emi Full Resort Reception please. We accept cash, credit cards, and electronic money.

・Cancellation policy

Immediately contact us for cancellation or schedule change. For last minutes notice, cancellation fee will be apply.

Day before, the day, no-show: 100% cancellation fee

・Important notice

We will check weather and sea conditions for safety guide our customer. The day we decide the tour will be cancel, we will call your phone. If there are Typhoon. we will contact you with your email for advance notice. There will be no cancellation fee for these occasion.


​Person who has disabilities, please check with your doctor before making reservation. If you have any question, please let us know.

For safety, please refrain guest who is pregnant or might be pregnant.

Guest who is been drinking alcohol cannot participate.



Reservations are on request.

​ We will send you a confirmation email.


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